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No charges for officer who shot Addison woman in January

Sun-Times file photo

An Addison police officer who shot a woman in the chest in January will not face criminal charges.

In a statement released by the DuPage state’s attorney’s office, State’s Attorney Robert Berlin found Officer Catherine Diaz “justified in her actions” after reviewing evidence including police reports, witness accounts, physical evidence, statements and photographs.

On Jan. 17, Officer Catherine Diaz responded to a call of an armed woman beating a man about 4:30 a.m. in the 200 block of North Mill Road, the state’s attorney’s office said. Officers found April Hachmeister, 51, armed with two knives.

After being told to drop the knives, Hachmeister rushed at the officers with the knives raised, the state’s attorney’s office said. When she was allegedly 5 to 7 feet away, Diaz fired three shots, striking Hachmeister once in the chest.

Hachmeister was taken to a hospital for treatment and charged with aggravated assault to a police officer, domestic battery and criminal damage to property, according to the state’s attorney. She was released and taken to DuPage County Jail, where she is being held on $50,000 bail.

April Hachmeister | DuPage County state’s attorney
April Hachmeister | DuPage County state’s attorney

After relaying a detailed account of the incident on Jan. 17, Berlin said that Officer Diaz “made every attempt to reach a peaceful conclusion under very stressful conditions“

“Unfortunately, Ms. Hachmeister’s failure to obey the Officer’s commands and her extremely aggressive and threatening behavior resulted in the officer discharging her weapon,” Berlin said. “Thankfully, for both Ms. Hachmeister and for the officer, the injury sustained by Ms. Hachmeister was not life threatening.”