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Water boil order issued in Northbrook

Northbrook Village Hall | Sun-Times file photo

A water boil order has been issued in suburban Northbrook following a problem with a water main.

The boil order was issued Tuesday and will last until at least Wednesday, the Village of Northbrook said in a statement.

Residents should boil tap water for five minutes before using it for drinking, cooking, washing dishes or hands, or brushing teeth, the village said.

The order stems from a loss of pressure in Northbrook’s water distribution center Tuesday morning. A contractor with the Illinois Department of Transportation inadvertently drilled a hole into a water main about 10 a.m. while working at Dundee and Lee roads, the village said.

City officials are gathering water samples to verify water quality before the boil order is lifted, the village said. The water is still safe to wash clothes and bathe in, the village said.