Saturday’s weather could mark Chicago’s snowiest April 27 since 1950

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People walk on the sidewalk during a snowy day, Sunday, April 14, 2019, in Chicago. A late season storm is bring heavy wet snow to the Chicago area today. Temperatures have dropped to near freezing in many locations. | AP photo

What spring?

Just when we thought winter was finally over, snow has popped up on the forecast for Saturday.

Summer is supposed to start in 56 days, on June 21.

Temperatures are expected to drop Friday night to 42 degrees and stay there into Saturday, which will have a high of 43 and low of 35 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

That means the 50 to 90 percent chance for rain Saturday could turn into snow. In northern Illinois, that snow could accumulate, with several inches expected along the Wisconsin state line.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Krein said that although it is late in the season for snow, it’s not unprecedented.

The latest Chicago has seen 1 inch of snow is May 3, in 1907, he said, but on average the last inch of snow accumulation in Chicago usually comes on or before March 17.

But the last time Chicago saw snow accumulate on April 27 was in 1950, and it was the only other year that day saw any sort of accumulation, according to the National Weather Service.

Luckily, pavement temperatures are warm, so snow would have to come down really hard for there to be any sort of accumulation on roads, Krein said.

“It’s not going to hang around very long,” he said.

On Sunday, temperatures will warm up a bit, with high of 48 degrees expected and more chance for showers.

Let’s hope this is winter’s last appearance.

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