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No comparison: Cubs’ Joe Maddon happy for Francona, ‘confident’ own deal to come


ATLANTA — Cubs manager Joe Maddon said that he’s happy for Indians manager Terry Francona, who received a two-year contract extension, but that the deal has no bearing on the way he looks at his lame-duck status.

“I’ve never compared myself to other people. I don’t think that’s a healthy way to go about your business,” said Maddon, who’s in the last $6 million season of his five-year contract. “I’m very confident all this stuff’s going to work it’s way through in due time.”


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The Cubs announced over the winter that they’ll wait until the end of the season to consider extension talks.

“I’m in a pretty good spot,” said Maddon, whose team beat Francona’s in the 2016 World Series and who has been to the playoffs all four years in Chicago. “I’ve been treated more than well. So I don’t lament or worry about things like that.”