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Chicago man flees courtroom before jury can deliver verdict

Sun-Times file photo

A no-bond warrant is out for the arrest of a Chicago man accused of fleeing the DuPage County Courthouse while a jury was deliberating his case.

Kary Bush, 37, was in court for a 2018 aggravated fleeing and eluding case in which he was allegedly traveling 120 mph on Interstate 88 while being pursued by police, the DuPage County state’s attorney’s office said.

According to the state’s attorney’s office, the jury deliberated for about 30 minutes and arrived at the conclusion that Bush was guilty. When the jurors came back into the courtroom, however, authorities discovered that Bush had left the building.

“[Bush’s] alleged actions, coupled with the fact that [he] was out on bond while his case was pending demonstrate this defendant’s complete disregard for the rule of law,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said. “I am confident that Mr. Bush will be apprehended and find himself once again in a DuPage County courtroom where he will be held accountable.”