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Burglar hits 17 West Side, Loop businesses in March, police say

Suspect photo | Chicago police

Police are seeking a burglary suspect that targeted 17 businesses including restaurants, convenience stores and storage facilities last month on the West Side and in the Loop.

The offender used multiple methods to enter the buildings, a community alert from Chicago police said. In some single-story structures, roof vents were used to gain access; doors and windows of larger commercial buildings were pried open or broken.

Once inside, the suspect knocked down walls when necessary to get access to cash registers and offices, police said. Some nights, the suspect hit two nearby businesses within a half-hour of each other, and one burglary occurred at noon, according to police.

An unknown amount of money and property were taken.

Security footage | Chicago police
Security footage | Chicago police

Anyone with information should contact Area North detectives at 312-747-8384.