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Amy Schumer mom-shamed for returning to work 14 days after son’s birth

The comedian announced her return to the stage on Instagram just two weeks after giving birth to son Gene, her first child with husband Chris Fischer.

Amy Schumer was welcomed back from maternity leave with judgmental Instagram comments from fellow moms.

Amy Schumer’s maternity leave is officially over.

The comedian, 37, announced her return to the stage on Instagram Monday, just two weeks after giving birth to son Gene, her first child with husband Chris Fischer.

“I’m back!” she captioned a photo of herself performing at the Comedy Cellar in New York City Monday.

But, her stand-up homecoming was met with some criticism from mommy-shamers, who questioned why Schumer was ”already back out there?”

“Jesus, Amy. Let the stitches dissolve first,” user @janierock tweeted, while @tcjackson2015 added: “Like, I can still smell your placenta...take a damn break.”

Another user called her quick return both “insane” and “inhumane.” @Sarafinaitalia wrote, “Contract or not you need to be allowed at least 6 weeks for maternity.”

User @astoriajohnny commented: “Wow, you’re that desperate to get back your fame, that you waited a mere 2 weeks, after giving birth, to get back on stage. That boy was a publicity stunt. And now here come the ‘being a parent is hard’ jokes.”

The “I Feel Pretty” star laughed off her sanctimonious detractors in typical Schumer fashion by replying, “I’ve always wanted to be mom shamed!!!!”

Some stepped in to defend the comedian. “Aaaaaand here comes those opinions that (are) mistaken for facts by those brilliant mommies who have it alllll figured out,” @i_mpumezwane sarcastically wrote, before adding “Go Amy honey.”

Other social media users applauded Schumer’s “warrior” return.

”You are a rock star. I bet it felt amazing to be back up there,” @profemilyoster commented, while Jessica Yellin added, ”I can only imagine what a pump room looks like at a comedy club. Welcome back.”

@taylorkrahl_ quoted Beyoncé’s ”Run the World (Girls)”: ”Strong enough to bear the children. Then get back to business.”

Schumer had a rough pregnancy, suffering the effects of hyperemesis gravidarum (acute morning sickness) throughout the nine months. It forced her to cancel numerous shows but it also made for great Instagram posts and stand-up fodder.