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Man dies after being hit by vehicle on I-355

Juan Espinoza, 24, was hit after stepping out of his vehicle on I-355 near Downers Grove, Illinois State Police said.

Danny R. Rhodes, 64, is in the care of the Lake County coroner’s office.
Juan Espinoza’s car was stopped due to another single-vehicle crash, state police said.
Tiberius Gracchus -

A man died Monday after being hit by a vehicle on Interstate-355 in west suburban Downers Grove.

Juan Espinoza, 24, got out of his Buick Encore about 11:35 p.m. near milepost 22.5 after his vehicle was stopped in one lane due to another single-vehicle crash, Illinois State Police said.

Espinoza then stepped into the live lane of traffic and was hit by a Honda CRV, which also crashed into his Buick, state police said. Espinoza was pronounced dead on the scene.

State police are investigating the crash.