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Bomb squad investigates suspicious package left at Wheaton church

Police were working to determine what was inside the package.

St. Joseph Orthodox Church, 412 Crescent St. in Wheaton
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Police are investigating a suspicious package left Monday at the doors of a church in west suburban Wheaton.

A bomb squad was called in the evening to St. Joseph Orthodox Church at 412 Crescent St. for “a large box with a typed up note on top,” the City of Wheaton said in a tweet.

Crews let off a blast about 9 p.m. to inactivate the package, the city said. The box appeared to have an electronic doorbell wrapped up and sealed inside.

Nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution, and Crescent Street was closed between Washington and Sumner, the city said.

Police are investigating to determine who left the box at the church.