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Palos Park police warn of possible roofing scams

Recent heavy rains add to the risk of possible roofing scams, according to Palos Park police.

Recent heavy rain may lead to possible roofing repair scams, according to Palos Park police.
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Palos Park police are warning residents to be aware of possible roofing scams after recent heavy rain.

In one common scam, a company agrees to replace a roof but says a down payment is required before work can start to buy materials and pay for labor, according to a community alert from Palos Park police. Once the check is in hand, the company never returns to complete the work.

Tips to help avoid possible scams are to never allow an uninvited contractor to inspect your roof, contact your insurance company to have an authorized adjuster come to your home before paying for a new roof, get bids from at least three different contractors and to check each one with your local Better Business Bureau, police said.

Anyone seeking more information about how to avoid possible scams is advised to call the Village of Palos Park Building Department at 708-671-3700.