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New video shows adult cows being abused at Indiana farm

Undercover video from an animal rights group shows the brutal treatment of calves places on a milking carousel popular during tours to Fair Oaks Farms.
Screengrab via Vimeo

An animal rights group has released new undercover video showing workers at an Indiana dairy farm abusing adult cows while loading them into a milking carousel that visitors can tour at the popular agritourism destination.

The video released Wednesday by Animal Recovery Mission comes a week after the Miami-based group released video showing workers kicking and throwing calves at Fair Oaks Farms.

That and another video led to animal cruelty charges against three former employees. The first employee was arrested Wednesday; the other two have not been taken into custody.

The new video shows employees punching adult cows, striking them with poles and apparently breaking the tails of some uncooperative cows. During a farm tour including in the footage, a guide tells visitors that cows like the carousel, saying it’s “a joy ride for them.”

Fair Oaks didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Chicago-based Fairlife, which has used Fair Oaks as one of about 30 suppliers for its filtered milk drinks, said Wednesday, “We saw the video and as previously communicated via our statement, we, at Fairlife, do not condone any type of animal abuse and have already discontinued the use of milk from Fair Oaks Farms.”

Fairlife, however, has described Fair Oaks as its “flagship farm.” The operations have close corporate ties. Michael McCloskey, the veterinarian who owns Fair Oaks, co-founded Fairlife.

Contributing: David Roeder