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Lake Shore Drive Bridge lifts to cause longer than usual delays

The bridge over the Chicago River will take more time to raise and lower because of ongoing repair work.

Repair work will cause raising and lowering the bridge to take longer than usual.
Lake Shore Drive bridge lifts will take longer than usual starting June 15, 2019.
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Lowering and raising the Lake Shore Drive Bridge over the Chicago River for sailboat runs will take longer than usual for the remainder of the month.

Starting around noon Saturday, motorists are advised to plan their routes around Lake Shore Drive because bridge lifts could last for 45 minutes or longer due to ongoing repair work which requires more time to raise and lower the bridge, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Lower Lake Shore Drive will close in both directions and the upper level will close shortly after, CDOT said. Message boards will be in place to warn drivers to exit at either Monroe Street or Roosevelt Road going northbound or Michigan or Grand Avenue going southbound.

Travelers who’ve exited Lake Shore Drive can go west to Columbus Drive and use the bridge to cross the river, CDOT said. Those northbound should drive east on Illinois Street to go back to Lake Shore Drive. Southbound drivers should turn east on Wacker Drive to get to Lake Shore Drive.

Drivers should expect the longer than usual delays next weekend as well as during the last sailboat run of the season on June 29.