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Where is summer? Chicago police district tweets notice for the ‘missing’ season

Are you wondering where the beloved “Summertime Chi” is? So is CPD’s 22nd Police District.

A Chicago Police Department district tweeted a mock missing person notice to its Twitter account days before the official start of summer. The city has been plagued with less-than-pleasant weather that has included rain, fog and relatively chilly temperatures.
Sun-Times Media

With the official start to summer here, a Chicago Police Department district poked fun at the less-than-pleasant weather the city has been experiencing in a tweet about the “missing” season.

CPD’s 22nd Police District tweeted a mock missing person’s notice Wednesday claiming that summer was last seen in August 2018.

Summer begins June 21 and extends through most of September. But most Chicagoans expect clearer skies and warmer weather to coincide with the city’s robust festival season, which kicks into high gear by June.

Chicago had a historically rainy May — the wettest on record since 1871, according to the National Weather Service — and June has followed suit with more rain, fog and relatively chilly temperatures.

The weather has been a topic of conversation online, where many people are questioning if Chicago’s summer has been canceled.

But if summer decides to arrive, don’t call the police: The police district’s tweet is directing calls to Mother Nature.