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Aurora man arrested after trying to flee police

Myles Wisley was arrested after police saw him stuff a bag of drugs in his pants.

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Wisley faces charges of cannabis possession with intent to sell and obstructing a peace officer.
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An Aurora man faces drug charges after he tried fleeing police who saw him putting a bag of cannabis in his pants.

Myles Wisley, 22, faces felony charges of cannabis possession over 30 grams, cannabis possession with intent to deliver and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer, Aurora police said.

Myles Wisley
Myles Wisley
Aurora Police Department

About 10:50 p.m. June 20, the Aurora Police Department Special Operations Group was conducting directed patrols in the area of Pennsylvania Avenue and West Park Avenue when they saw Wisley grab a large bag from a vehicle and stuff it into his pants, officials said.

Wisley ran off as officers approached him but later surrendered and indicated he had four ounces of cannabis in his pants, police said. He told police he had more in the vehicle along with scales and “drug-selling equipment” and that the cannabis was for personal use.

He was taken to the Kane County Jail to be arraigned on bond.

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