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Second alleged gunman held without bond in fatal Sound Bar shooting

Jon Elliott Poole was arrested in Georgia and charged with the murder of security guard Thurman Bailey

Jon Elliot Poole
Jon Elliot Poole, 37, charged with murder in the shooting death of Sound Bar security guard Thurman Bailey.
Chicago police

The second man charged in the fatal shootout that claimed the life of a Sound Bar nightclub security guard was ordered held without bond Monday.

Jon Elliot Poole, 34, took a gun from co-defendant Armond Williams after Williams had fired at Thurman Bailey during a brawl outside the River North club on March 8, then sprayed nine shots at the security guard and a crowd of people on North Franklin Street, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Jason Fisher said.

Before ordering Poole held without bond, Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. noted that the shootout took place a week after Poole and Williams had gone to the club with a man who had quarreled with security guards.

“There should have been a cooling-off period,” Lyke said. “The situation was defused and you came back with a posse, as it were, and all hell breaks loose.”

The beefy Poole was one of a group of men who went to the club shortly after midnight, with an unknown co-offender who had beefed with security staff at the bar on Feb. 28, prosecutors said. Security guards were denying entry to several would-be patrons when the group of men began yelling, with the co-offender complaining about how he was treated the week before.

The co-offender clashed with the security team, with Williams punching another member of the security team — while wearing pink-purple latex gloves — and Poole slugging another guard, prosecutors said. As the two groups scuffled, Bailey drew his gun, prosecutors said. Williams slipped away into the street, but then allegedly drew his gun, walked back in front of the night club and fired four times at Bailey. Bailey fell to the ground, but remained conscious.

As the crowd in front of the club scattered, Williams handed the gun to Poole, who fired another nine shots at the club, again striking Bailey, Fisher said. A second victim was struck with 23 bullet fragments, Fisher said. Bailey, 28, died of his wounds.

Police learned that Poole had moved to Georgia, where he was arrested by the U.S. Marshals task force.

Poole was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Williams was charged in the murder in March.