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Former County Commissioner Boykin joins race to succeed Dorothy Brown

Richard Boykin has made official his bid to become clerk of the circuit court.

Richard Boykin has formally launched a campaign for clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court.

Former Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin has officially launched his bid to become the next clerk of the circuit court.

Boykin formally launched his campaign Tuesday in Daley Plaza, days after the Cook County Democratic Party endorsed Board of Review Commissioner Michael Cabonargi in the race.

Boykin said he didn’t think being passed over for the endorsement said much about his standing in the race.

“Toni Preckwinkle is the boss of the party — it’s well known how she feels about me, she made that public and perfectly clear, so I wouldn’t expect the endorsement,” Boykin said Wednesday. “But if tradition has any meaning, the Cook County Democratic Party’s endorsement doesn’t mean a whole lot.”

Boykin and Preckwinkle, the county board president, disagreed on the penny-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax and other issues during his four-year tenure on the board. Preckwinkle endorsed Boykin’s challenger, sitting Commissioner Brandon Johnson, in March.

Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown said last week she would not seek another term. Brown said she believes now is the time to move on so she can help the community and use her skills from a consulting standpoint.

Four candidates had lined up to oust her from office before Brown’s announcement Aug. 14.

Boykin will now face Cabonargi, lawyer Jacob Meister, state Sen. Iris Martinez and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Mariyana Spyropoulos.

Boykin said he likes his odds.

“I’m in this thing,” Boykin said. “I like it, and I like our chances. Once we really start talking about the issues and what the office does, I think that will separate us from other candidates.”