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Colts coach says retired quarterback Andrew Luck didn’t let his team down

“He did the right thing. He did the courageous thing and the honorable thing,” Frank Reich said of Luck deciding to retire.

“Same offense. It’ll just be interpreted in different ways,” Colts coach Frank Reich said of Jacoby Brissett becoming the starting quarterback after Andrew Luck’s retirement.
Justin Casterline/Getty

Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich was asked at Monday’s news conference if Andrew Luck let the team down by retiring.

”No,” Reich said. “It requires a total commitment of the heart. He did the right thing. He did the courageous thing and the honorable thing.”

Luck, the former No. 1 overall pick, announced his retirement from football at the age 29 after Saturday’s preseason game, shocking Colts fans and the NFL with his decision.

Jacoby Brissett is the new Colts’ starting quarterback. He went 4-11 as the starter when Luck missed the 2017 season but that was under general manager Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano.

”We have not had that deep down heart to heart about the upcoming season just yet,” Reich said, who reiterated that he thinks Brissett has the ability to be a top 20 quarterback in the NFL. “That will probably happen in the next day or two.”

When asked if the offense would change with Brissett, Reich said that aspect of the game gets overplayed: “Same offense. It’ll just be interpreted in different ways.”

Reich had the staff figure out how many plays Brissett has had with the starting offense between training camp and the offseason: 1,200, about a season’s worth. Reich sees the connection with Hilton, Ebron and other receivers developing.

Reich said the team is still determining whether Chad Kelly or Phillip Walker will be Brissett’s backup.

Reich opened the press conference with details from the team meeting in the aftermath of Luck’s retirement.

The key word: Paradox.

”Everyone makes a unique contribution on this team, yet everyone is replaceable,” Reich said. “On the one hand, we can respect and honor the player Luck was but we can have excitement and enthusiasm about this team.”