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‘Medicare for All’ is a winning strategy

Poll after poll in recent years shows overwhelming numbers of Democrats — and even, in some polls, majorities of Republicans — backing “Medicare for All.”


Gene Lyons says pushing “Medicare for All” is a losing strategy (“Medicare for All is an excellent way for Democrats to Lose in 2020,” Aug. 7). Hmm. Poll after poll in recent years shows overwhelming numbers of Democrats — and even, in some polls, majorities of Republicans! — backing “Medicare for All.”

Lyons’ strategy for Dems to run against policies that are wildly popular among the party’s base is a bold new electoral strategy I’ve never heard of before. I don’t recommend Democrats follow it.

Micah Uetricht, Logan Square

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Speak for yourself

S.E. Cupp’s column of Aug. 8 is just simply wrong. And she knows better! I was astounded at her twisted logic as she used false equivalency to excuse racist hate crimes and the Oval Office resident who inspired them.

The El Paso massacre was not the same as the Dayton massacre. The Dayton killer, who has been documented as having serious mental issues since early high school, was just looking for some people to kill. His support of Democratic candidates was purely incidental. The El Paso killer embraced Trump’s “invasion” message and the demonization of Latinos, wrote a white supremacist manifesto and specifically targeted a Latino population to massacre.

There is no equivalency. President Donald Trump inspired the El Paso killer and that’s that.

Silvio J. Anichini, Edgewater

Housing crisis

America has a housing crisis. Since 1960, renters’ median earnings have gone up 5 percent while rents have risen by 61 percent — and only 37 affordable and available rental homes exist for every 100 extremely low-income renter households. However, because of inadequate funding, only 1 in 4 eligible households can get rental housing assistance.

Stable housing makes our lives and our communities better. It improves job performance and helps our children stay happy, healthy, and safe. Kids do better in school when they have a reliable place to come home to.

Everyone deserves a home. I call on our senators and representatives in Washington to shift tax resources to support a “Renters Tax Credit” for low- and moderate-income families. We must address the affordable housing crisis and end poverty.

Matt Geer, Willow Springs