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UIC enrolls record number of new freshman, undergrads for 5th year in a row

The campus now hosts over 33,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

UIC students walking on campus
The UIC campus welcomed a record number of students this fall.
Jenny Fontaine

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s campus and dorms may feel a little crowded this semester.

For the fifth year in a row, UIC recorded a jump in the number of students on its campus, with freshman and undergraduate students showing the biggest gains, according to a statement from the university.

The number of new freshmen on campus jumped 6% from 4,159 to 4,407 students this fall while the total number of students — undergraduate, graduate and professional — grew by 5.4%, with 33,390 students enrolled overall, UIC said.

Freshman and undergraduate enrollment have made the biggest gains on the Chicago campus in recent years, UIC said. Since 2014, freshman enrollment has grown by 45% while overall undergraduate growth has jumped 29.4% with over 21,000 undergraduate students flooding the campus.

Graduate and professional students saw increases as well with a few caveats. While the number of new graduate students grew by 6.6%, the total number of grad students on campus actually dropped by 1.3% to 7,572 students.

The number of professional students ballooned by 29.4% to reach 4,177 professional students, but the addition of UIC John Marshall Law School students largely contributed to this growth. The boards of John Marshall and UIC approved the merger last year, which went into effect last month.

The data come from figures taken after the first 10 days of classes, the traditional benchmark for enrollment data among U.S. colleges and universities.

UIC’s campus footprint expanded this year with the opening of two new buildings and the completed merger with John Marshall.

“Our continued enrollment growth demonstrates that we are providing an accessible and affordable option for a world-class education at Chicago’s only public research university,” said UIC Chancellor Michael D. Amiridis. “Our capital improvements dramatize UIC’s growth and burgeoning role as Chicago’s leader in higher education, workforce development and intellectual thought.”