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Why is Rahm Emanuel’s name still on city stickers?

No, you’re not in a time warp, the Chicago city clerk’s office says.

Recently issued city stickers still have Rahm Emanuel’s name on them.
Sun-Times Staff

Rahm Emanuel has been out of office for nearly four months, but if you peeked in the window of thousands of cars around the city, you wouldn’t know it.

City vehicle stickers bearing the name of the former mayor were still being sold and mailed out as of last week. That means the stickers with Rahm’s signature will still be in cars a year from now — well into new Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s term.

Why are drivers being reminded of Rahm every time they step into their cars?

It’s because the office of City Clerk Anna Valencia — whose name is also on the stickers — is still working through 200,000 stickers ordered at the start of the year.

The batch of stickers with Emanuel’s name on them were ordered on Feb. 1, while Emanuel was still mayor and before the office knew who the next mayor would be, clerk’s office spokeswoman Kate LeFurgy said. The number of stickers ordered was based off of how many were historically purchased in that timeframe.

Rather than trash the old supply to start selling new stickers with Lightfoot’s name, the clerk’s office is “using up the stock they had” to avoid wasting money, LeFurgy said.

“We want to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said LeFurgy.

The new batch of stickers with Lightfoot’s name were ordered on May 8. The city sells 1.2 million stickers annually.

With 350 locations selling city stickers, LeFurgy said some are still working through the old batch, but that others are now selling the updated stickers.

What if the new mayor didn’t want her name on the stickers? Too bad. City code says stickers shall contain “the names of the mayor and the City Clerk.”