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Young man lands Chinook at Salmon Unlimited’s Kids Derby: Earns Fish of the Week

Julio Solorzano earns FOTW honors with a 17.4-pound king caught at Waukegan Saturday during Salmon Unlimited’s Kids Derby.

Julio Solorzano caught a 17.4-pound Chinook (held by coach/teacher Rob Abouchar) Saturday during Salmon Unlimited’s Kids Derby.

Julio Solorzano was the hit Saturday of Salmon Unlimited’s Kids Derby at Waukegan The young man from Northlake caught a 17.4-pound Chinook on a firetiger Berkley Flicker Minnow from the south rocks. Rob Abouchar, Leyden’s bass fishing coach, messaged that Solorzano, a sophomore, is a member of the bass club and it was only his third fish ever.

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