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Estate of women killed in south suburban motorcycle chase files suit against Village of Posen

Octavia Harper, 36, was a passenger on a motorcycle that police chased through the south suburbs before crashing in Harvey earlier in September.

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The estate of Octavia Harper filed a lawsuit Sept. 23, 2019 against the Village of Posen for their alleged role in the chase that eventually killed her.
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The estate of a woman who was killed in a police chase Sept. 1 has sued the Village of Posen for wrongful death.

Octavia Harper, 36, was a passenger on a motorcycle that was chased from south suburban Midlothian to Harvey before crashing, Harvey Police Chief Eddie Winters said. Both she and the driver, 35-year-old Martise Riley, were killed in the crash.

Midlothian police began chasing the motorcycle after an officer saw it traveling 50 mph over the speed limit, according to Midlothian Police Deputy Chief Larry Rafferty. However, they called the chase off 30 seconds later after it entered it Posen.

Posen police chased the motorcycle until it crashed in Harvey, according to the law offices of Gregory Kulis & Associates.

Kulis & Associates filed a wrongful death lawsuit Monday against the Village of Posen on behalf of Harper’s estate, citing the “obvious dangers to all involved [in the chase].”