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But what about the Bidens?

Does anyone think the corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company just picked Hunter Biden’s name out of a phone book?

Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden.
Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden
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So when is the Sun-Times going to call for an investigation into the Bidens? Hunter Biden was hired by a Ukrainian oil and gas company and paid millions of dollars even though he had no experience in the oil and gas industry.

Hunter also flew with his father to China, where he eventually came away with a $1.5 billion private equity deal. Does anyone think that the corrupt Ukrainian company just picked Hunter Biden’s name out of a phone book?

Investigate the Bidens!

Cory Shane, Harvey

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Conservatives should be outraged the most

The actions of Donald Trump, independent of Congress, is what the writers of the Constitution hoped to avoid by structuring three branches of government. Today’s “originalists” in the Federalist Society had better consider that at the time of America’s founding, kings conducted foreign policy as they pleased, allocated money from their nations’ treasuries as they pleased and raised money through tariffs as they pleased. Today, the Trump administration is doing all this without the consent of Congress.

Republicans should be most critical of the Trump administration. They are the ones who wish for a conservative and originalist interpretation of the Constitution. Trump wishes to rule as a tyrant. But the only people who have called him to account are the liberal Democrats.

That Trump would demand political favors from the leader of another country, Ukraine, is a violation of the Constitution and a betrayal of America’s founding document and thought.

Shame on the spineless Republicans in control of the Senate.

Tom Teune, Wheaton

Don’t impeach until after 2020 election

Here a suggestion to House Democrats with respect to the possible impeachment of President Trump:

Keep adding to the list of impeachable offenses, since new ones come up so often, but don’t vote on impeachment until Trump loses the 2020 presidential election. At that point, the Senate may be willing to convict because Trump very well may refuse to abide by the election results, just as he threatened to do in 2016.

Trump has a tremendous incentive to stay in office; it keeps him from being indicted. He’s been preparing for this scenario since before he was inaugurated, baselessly alleging millions of illegal votes against him.

Kevin Coughlin, Evanston