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Police warn of phone scammers posing as FBI in Palos Park

Someone called a woman in the southwest suburb and said they were an agent looking for information on a series of crimes.

FBI scammers reported in Palos Park
Someone impersonating an FBI agent in Palos Park convinced a woman to provide bank and other personal information, police said.
Rich Hein/Sun-Times file photo

Police in southwest suburban Palos Park are warning residents of phone scammers posing as FBI agents looking for information on a crime.

Someone posing as an agent called a woman and said her rental car had been used in various crimes in Texas, including identity theft, Palos Park police said.

The woman had never been to Texas or rented a car, but wanted to help with the investigation and engaged the caller several times, police said.

She provided her bank account information, social security number and a copy of her driver’s license when the caller said “Maryland State Police” were involved and needed her information, police said.

“If you get a call or an email unexpectedly from someone who claims they are informing you of an emergency or family needing money immediately, beware, there’s a good chance this is an imposter trying to steal your money,” Palos Park Police Chief Joe Miller said.