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Chicago outdoors: Sandhill cranes, northern Wisconsin fisher, Root River, Chinook, coho, lake sturgeon

Sandhill cranes and Canada geese at Buffalo Creek, a fisher in northern Wisconsin, observations on the Root River, and an IGFA mark for lake sturgeon are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors.

Sandhill cranes and Canada geese at Buffalo Creek. Credit: Larry Spence
Sandhill cranes and Canada geese at Buffalo Creek.
Larry Spence

Notes come from all around Chicago outdoors.


In the middle of October, Larry Spence came through with another interesting photo of “sandhill cranes at Buffalo Creek.” I see some resting Canada geese in the background, too.

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Note: Tinley Park Fishing Show will not hold its show this winter, but will focus on 2022.


Today, Nov. 1: Fall shotgun turkey ends

Thursday, Nov. 5: White-fronted goose season opens, central zone

Saturday, Nov. 7: Statewide pheasant, rabbit, quail and partridge seasons open

Nov. 7-8: Youth waterfowl hunt, south-central zone


Trail cam photo of a fisher in northern Wisconsin. Photo provided by Dave Derk
Trail cam photo of a fisher in northern Wisconsin.
Provided by Dave Derk

“We put out a trail cam on both trips and got pictures of a bear and a fisher!” Dave Derk and Sondra Katzen, on an annual fishing trip to northern Wisconsin.

A: The fisher photo most interested me because I have never seen one in the wild. Fishers may have been historically present in Illinois centuries ago, according to Donald F. Hoffmeister’s “Mammals of Illinois.” Hoffmeister notes prehistoric records of porcupines, a principle food of fishers.


76.20 kg (168 pounds): All-tackle world record for lake sturgeon, caught by Edward Paszkowski on May 29, 1982 from Georgian Bay in Ontario, according to the International Game Fish Association.


“After some rain last week, the river level is up, at 292 cfs. The Chinook run seems to be winding down, and we had less Chinooks in the facility today, but we continue to see more coho move upstream.”

Root River Report, from Wisconsin DNR, after the ninth processing day for the fall at the weir on Monday, October 26