Support those who are bringing us a COVID-19 vaccine

Do not enact any policy that could slow down efforts.

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A photo from Pfizer shows part of a “freezer farm,” a football field-sized facility for storing finished COVID-19 vaccines, in Puurs, Belgium.

Pfizer via AP

Just last week, we received great news from Pfizer on the efficacy of its vaccine. And while this is an extremely exciting step, the race is still far from finished, as it will still need to be approved by the FDA and then distributed to the general public.

This most recent news should still give us all some much-needed hope, and it speaks volumes about the efforts of our country’s bio-pharmaceutical scientists and researchers. Our best and brightest minds have come together and made progress at a pace that has never been seen before with so much on the line.

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While this important work continues, and we enter what we all hope will be the final stretch of this nightmare, lawmakers in Washington should take notice and ensure they do not enact any policy that could set back efforts. This includes implementing government price-setting policies that could actually slow efforts not only to develop a vaccine but find cures to other deadly diseases, such as cancer.

Personally, I just want to get back to normal as soon as possible, and the only way that will happen is if our lawmakers to do everything they can to support those working hard to end the pandemic with science.

Jerry Gura, Clarendon Hills

A big thank you

A little over 100 years ago, my suffragette grandma was marching in the streets of Chicago to support the women’s vote. How proud she would be all these years later to see the tremendous outpouring of voters exercising their right to vote in this election season.

Americans over many generations have sacrificed and worked to defend and support our precious voting rights.

A big thank you to military families, history and Constitution teachers, activists, elected leaders, parents and all those who continue the work of our forefathers and foremothers for free elections and a democratic country.

Mary Jo Przygodz, Gurnee

Let Congress hear your voice

As many of us know, Chicago has recently gone into another 30-day lockdown. Especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic and constantly changing laws, rules and regulations, many of us believe that we have little to no say in what laws are created and bills are passed.

This has only been highlighted through the new lockdown - while some of us think it should have come much sooner, others may think it will have no effect. However, what many people don’t know is that there is one simple thing everyone can do in order to gain more influence on which bills are passed - and it only takes one minute.

What is this, you may ask?

Calling or emailing Congress. While it may seem like a profitless or futile effort, it is not uncommon for a leader to support a bill even after only seven to 10 people voice their support for it. Furthermore, finding out who your leaders are is simple and easy. Choosing to email or call Congress not only gives you more influence on what bills are passed and only takes less than a minute.

Page Koerner, Streeterville

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