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Big buck, family, memories: Bruce Vang succeeds on an ‘old guy’ buck

Bruce Vang tells a story worthy of a buck big enough to be dubbed an “old guy.”

It was a family affair for Bruce Vang’s “old guy” buck. Photo provided
It was a family affair for Bruce Vang’s “old guy” buck.

Bruce Vang found luck on Friday, Nov. 13 hunting public land in central Illinois he hadn’t hunted in five years.

He hiked in 2.3 miles. Early, he had three bucks chasing a doe, then two smaller bucks.

“The plan was was to sit all day and that ended at 8:52 a.m. when this old guy cruised in,” Vang messaged. “I waited for the perfect angle and drilled him at 20, quartering away. The buck ran across the river and expired less than 45 yards away. I had to strip down to my base layers to wade across and tag him. The haul out took my dad, uncle and I four hours of uphill and downhill.

“Great memories made going back to the ole stomping grounds.”

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