Anjanette Young tears up Wednesday as she talks about a botched Chicago police raid of her house in February 2019.

Anjanette Young

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

Botched police raid of Anjanette Young’s home

Anjanette Young filed a lawsuit against the city in connection with the 2019 raid that on her home, motivated by a warrant targeting someone else.

A botched Chicago police raid on a woman’s home on the Near West Side caused an uproar from the public, as well as critics of the police department and Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration.

Police incorrectly raided Anjanette Young’s home in February 2019. They were executing a search warrant, but they were targeted the wrong unit, acting on bad information.

Body camera footage, which CBS obtained and aired in December 2020, shows officers bursting into Young’s home while she was naked and getting ready for bed. Young could be heard on the video telling the officers — more than 40 times — that they were in the wrong home.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) said it launched an investigation into the officers’ actions related to the search of Young’s home Nov. 12, 2019, shortly after Young filed a lawsuit against the city in connection with the raid. That investigation remains ongoing, COPA said.

The video’s release has forced City Hall to confront the reality that Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration fought to keep the footage under wraps, though Lightfoot denied having knowledge of the raid until December 2020, nearly a year after the incident took place.

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