Remembering Brian Surratt and other victims of COVID-19

Irma Chamberlain was not only a loving mother to Brian. She was a blessing.

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Brian Surratt

Thank you, Mark Brown, for your heartfelt column about Brian Surratt, who was born with Fragile X syndrome and died last month from complications of COVID-19.Irma Chamberlain was not only a loving mother to Brian. She was a blessing.

I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Chamberlain’s decision to not send Brian back to his day program when it re-opened during the pandemic. When a parent has to make a decision that their son or daughter cannot comprehend is in their best interests, it’s heartbreaking for the parent to see the child unhappy or confused. Change in routine can be especially difficult for those with developmental or intellectual disabilities. But a parent will try their best to fill some of the gaps left by the change, as I am doing now with my autistic and developmentally disabled daughter.

Ms. Chamberlain, may beautiful memories of Brian forever embrace you, your family and your friends.

Jamie Cohn (Sydney’s mom), Buffalo Grove

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Who needs 50 aldermen?

Chicago is broke. And the city has fewer residents than it did in 1920.

If Chicago can survive with fewer police officers, fewer laborers on city garbage trucks and fewer schools, then why do we need 50 aldermen?

Alderman don’t fight crime. Aldermen don’t pick up garbage. Aldermen don’t teach children. What do they do?

If Moses could get by with ten commandments, Jesus could preach with 12 apostles and American society can survive with 27 amendments to the Constitution, why does MayorLori Lightfoot need 50 aldermen to run Chicago?

Michael Sullivan, Avondale

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