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ENDORSEMENT: Krishna K. Bansal for Congress in 11th District Republican Primary

Bansal, with his stronger grasp of the issues and extensive record of public service, is the better bet to defeat a Democrat in the fall.

Endorsement, Krishna K. Bansal, 2020 11th District Congressional Republican primary election.
Krishna K. Bansal is endorsed by the Sun-Times in the 11th District congressional Republican primary.
Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

The story of this year’s Republican primary in the 11th Congressional District is spelled out in the contorted shape of the district itself.

Ten years ago, the Democratic powers-that-be in Illinois drew the district’s lines to rope in as many Democratic voters as possible while excluding Republicans. The result has been four straight general election victories, by comfortable margins, for incumbent U.S. Rep. Bill Foster.

It’s a wonder that a credible Republican bothers to run at all, yet in this year’s primary there are two. Not exactly GOP A-listers, but forthright and substantive men.

Our endorsement goes to Krishna K. Bansal, owner of a computer tech and services business who has been active in Naperville and in his local Indian American community. He has served on the Naperville Planning Commission and the board of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Bansal espouses generally conservative Republican views on public finances, immigration policy, the proper role of government and the perceived failings of Obamacare. And like his opponent in this primary race, Sgt. Rick Laib of the Will County sheriff’s office, he is strongly opposed to abortion.

Both men are running passionate, engaging and positive campaigns. But Bansal, who has a stronger grasp of the issues and more extensive record of public service, is the better bet to take on a Democrat in the fall.

11th Congressional District map, Illinois, U.S. House of Representatives
11th Congressional District map.
Illustration by Caroline Hurley

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