ENDORSEMENT: Bill Foster for Congress in 11th District Democratic primary

The science-related issues Foster focuses on don’t get much notice on the cable news, but they can matter greatly.

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Endorsement, Bill Foster, 2020 11th District Congressional Democratic primary election.

Bill Foster is endorsed by the Sun-Times in the 11th District congressional Democratic primary.

Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Bill Foster is “The Science Guy,” like on TV. We urge Democratic voters to keep tuning him in.

The rather dry science- and technology-related issues that Foster tends to focus on don’t get much notice on the cable news shows, but they can matter greatly. Foster is exactly right, for example, that automation is swiftly taking the jobs of workers in factories and warehouses across the country, and that our nation must fashion a humane response, such as by subsidizing better continuing education for displaced workers.

Foster has sponsored bills to increase funding for medical-assisted treatment for opioid addicts and research into painkillers that do not involve opioids.

This Democratic primary, like so many others in this election cycle, pits a left-of-center incumbent who seeks incremental progress — that would be Foster — against a younger, more overtly progressive and impatient challenger — that would be Foster’s opponent, Rachel Ventura. She is a member of the Will County Board.

In this race, we’ll take Foster’s incrementalism this time. His legislative priorities are sensible, and he has far more legislative experience.

We endorse Foster.

11th Congressional District map, Illinois, House of Representatives

11th Congressional District map.

Illustration by Caroline Hurley

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