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Map: Where to find the best menudo in Chicago

A guide for menudo lovers on the hunt for this perfect wintertime dish.

FILE PHOTO: A menudo bowl served along with a bottle of Jarritos.

Trying to cure a hangover, stay warm or just want to enjoy a Sunday meal with the family?

Sprinkle cilantro, add cebolla and squirt TONS of limon into one of the most popular Mexican dishes — menudo.

Menudo is the type of food you tell your friend, “Just try it, you’ll like it.”

The delicacy, made up mostly of tripe, hominy and chili pepper, has been popular since the 1930s, becoming a fixture at weddings, birthdays, baby showers and even funerals.

This winter classic is often overlooked — the pungent, raw chunks of stomach lining that are central to this hearty soup are anything but appetizing before the meal is cooked. But as with any good stew, time and heat subdue and blend the many ingredients in menudo into a richly flavorful dish.

Chicago foodies in the know have reviewed menudo bowls all over town and shared their opinions on Yelp. It’s too cold to wander the city in search of the soup you’re craving, so we rounded up the Windy City’s highest-rated spots.

Check out our map to see which Chicago-area restaurants serve up the best balance of tripe and hominy for you to enjoy:

If you don’t see a map above, click here to view it.