We’ve lived through worse in this great country

We’ve survived tragedies, scandals and corruption. Like a grizzled prize fighter, we’ve risen from the canvass to continue the fight.

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President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

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Great column by Phil Kadner on Wednesday. We live in the greatest country in the world. Certainly things could be better. We’ve survived tragedies, scandals, corruption and sorts of national and international threats.

Our resilience is a product of our system of government and freedom to be critical of it and make corrections when need be. Now is not one of those times.

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You may disagree with President Donald Trump’s policies, methods and message but this country has been through a lot worse and, like a grizzled prize fighter, risen from the canvass to continue the fight.

Thank you, Phil, for putting things in perspective for readers who’d be well advised to avoid the column by Neil Steinberg on the same day (“Viruses don’t care if you’re lying or not”), lest we prepare for the apocalypse. Chill with the hyperbole, Neil. You’re scaring my dog.

William Gentile, Edison Park

Allow concealed carry on CTA

One reason crime is up on the CTA is that the Concealed Carry Law in Illinois prohibits carrying a gun on public transportation. So the law-abiding citizens don’t carry on public transportation and the criminals know that no one is carrying. The Concealed Carry Law should be amended to allow law-abiding citizens to carry on public transportation.

Dan Berg, Downers Grove

More reasons to defeat Trump

When President Donald Trump interfered with Roger Stone’s sentencing, it was writ large. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Wednesday called the intervention in the Stone case “one of the most horrible things President Trump has done” and “Third World behavior, not American behavior.” 

This comes on top of Trump pardoning a Navy Seal murderer, giving the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, and firing Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and diplomat Gordon Sondland for testifying before the House.

All of these acts by Trump are destroying our country’s fabric. He must be defeated in November.

Lee Knohl, Evanston

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