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ENDORSEMENT: Thaddeus Jones for Illinois House in 29th District Democratic primary

Time will tell if a law Jones pushed to install cameras on state-patrolled expressways will lead to fewer shootings and help police solve such crimes.

State Rep. Thaddeus Jones of the Illinois House 29th District is the Sun-Times Editorial Board’s pick in the Democratic primary.
29th District state Rep. Thaddeus Jones is the Sun-Times Editorial Board’s pick in the Democratic primary. He’s held the seat since 2011.
Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Last year, state Rep. Thaddeus Jones led an effort to create a law that requires the state to install more motion-sensor cameras on expressways to record video of expressway shootings.

Time will tell if the Tamara Clayton Act, inspired by the still-unsolved fatal shooting of a postal worker on I-57, will discourage expressway shootings and help the police solve such crimes. But we like the law, which is direct and sensible.

Jones, whom we endorse for re-election, has held this House seat since 2011. We urge him to do more to nurture job-creating economic development in his struggling district. He has talked up the idea of reopening Balmoral Racetrack in Crete Township, but that looks like a long shot. Jones could be doing more.

DeAndre Tillman, a member of the Calumet City Council who also is running in this state House primary, lacks Jones’ experience.

Illinois House 29th District map.
Illinois House 29th District map.
Illustration by Caroline Hurley

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