Happy 312 Day! Want a free bike?

Goose Island Beer Co. is giving away bikes in a scavenger hunt-type contest all over the city Thursday to mark the date, which lines up well with its signature 312 beer.

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A bike being offered in a contest by Goose Island Beer Co. on Thursday, March 12, to mark 312 Day.

A bike being offered in a contest by Goose Island Beer Co. on Thursday, March 12, to mark 312 Day.


March 12 is “312 Day” — a signifier that triggers an “Oh, yea, I guess it is” moment as it clicks the date and the Chicago area code line upfor one day a year.

But the occasion also pairs well for Goose Island Island Beer Co.

Its signature beer is dubbed 312.

To mark the occasion, the folks at Goose Island have been posting clues on Twitter and Instagram every hour until 11 p.m. that lead the clever and quick-footed to the location of a free bicycle.

First come, first served.

The promotion began in the wee hours Thursday morning. A total of 24 bikes will be given away.

Here’s a clue tweeted at 8:53 a.m.:

You see, it’s a pro spot for backdoor cuts and bar down beauties. Give our best to Bobby and Stan.

The answer: the United Center.

The bikes — Sole brand fixed gears decked out with a Goose Island paint job — are being snatched up within minutes of the social media posts being sent out, Goose Island spokesman Tomasz Donda said.

Another clue sent out this morning:

A place for many, with a view. North of the city, with a flamingo hue.

The answer: The Edgewater Beach Apartments, 5301 N. Sheridan, which are affectionately known to many as “that pink building on Lake Shore Drive.”

One happy hunter who has apparently been roaming in a car with a pal since midnight has snatched up two bikes thus far.

Another backer of “312 Day” is iHeartMedia Chicago. The company’s six radio stations in the city are highlighting a different charity and encouraging listeners to donate and volunteer.

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