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Penguins visit fish, dolphins at Shedd while aquarium is closed to help curb coronavirus

There might not be any human visitors at the Shedd, but the animals were still greeted by some friendly faces on the other side of the glass.

Monte the penguin visits some dolphins at the Polar Play Zone as the Shedd Aquarium is closed to the public.

With the Shedd Aquarium closed to visitors to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, some penguins got to experience the aquarium just like humans do.

The staff at the Shedd have been getting creative with planning activities for the animals while there are no guests in the building. So on Sunday, they took some of the penguins on a field trip around the aquarium to explore.

One rockhopper penguin, named Wellington, seemed particularly interested in the fish in the Amazon Rising exhibit. And the freshwater species, like the red-bellied piranhas and the black-barred silver dollars, were also intrigued by their peculiar visitor.

A Magellanic penguin, Monte, took a trip to the Polar Play Zone, another Shedd exhibit, to see some dolphins.

In a video posted by the Shedd, Wellington walks right up to the glass to get a good look at some of the other aquarium residents. Watch, and swipe right to see Monte with some dolphins: