New Lightfoot video offers not-so-subtle reminder to complete 2020 census

You might not finish that puzzle, but the mayor offered up one boredom-busting activity she says citizens need to complete.

SHARE New Lightfoot video offers not-so-subtle reminder to complete 2020 census

“Oh look, my 2020 census form came!” says Mayor Lori Lightfoot while posing with her census form.


She’s at it again.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot posted a new video Monday, this time with some suggestions for fun things to do while staying at home.

It’s the second lighthearted PSA Lightfoot has shared since the stay-at-home order was implemented. In the first, the mayor baked, bargained, dunked and even played the acoustic guitar to motivate Chicagoans to stay home and save lives.

This time, she’s after something else: convincing Chicagoans across the city to fill out their 2020 census forms. While rattling off a list of activities to “fight the boredom and not go crazy,” she not-so-subtly reminds viewers to complete the census.

While acting out one of her boredom-busting activities — getting some fresh air by checking the mail — Lightfoot feigns surprise:

“Oh look, my 2020 census form came!” she says while posing with her census form.

Another option: “Travel around the world... wide web, and learn a foreign language... online,” Lightfoot says before practicing some Spanish. “It’s time to complete your census,” she says in the language, subtitled in English.

Or “start a puzzle you’ll never finish, but be sure to finish your census,” she says.

You can also “video chat with your friends, so they remember what you look like,” Lightfoot says as penguins at the Shedd Aquarium waddle across her screen. “Can you make sure your handlers fill our their census form?”

If you want to experiment in the kitchen: “Cook up your own Chicago-style pizza,” Lightfoot suggests while pulling a slice out of the microwave with a grimace. “And when that all goes wrong, support local restaurants with takeout and delivery.”

But while you might not finish that puzzle or nail Chicago’s next great pizza recipe, you should absolutely complete your census survey, which takes less than 10 minutes, Lightfoot says.

“Filling out your census is another way to support our city, and make sure that we get our slice of the billions of dollars in federal funding ... it’s vital to directing federal funding to all of our communities for things that we know are important and ensuring that we’ve got fair representation in Congress.”

“So really, there’s no better time than right now. When you’re staying home and saving lives, take the census survey,” she says. “Please, make yourself count.”

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