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Working Through: Angela Montejo

Celebrating local heroes who are working through the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping our city going

Angela Montejo, Nurse at Swedish Hospital

Angela Montejo

Nurse at Swedish Hospital

Swedish Hospital Staff Nurse Angela Montejo is on the front lines of the response to COVID-19, providing compassionate care for her patients. An example of the continued selflessness we’ve seen from health care workers everywhere, Montejo begins her 12-hour shifts by taking her temperature and gowning up in full PPE.

She knows the risks in front of her, but she is getting through this challenging time with support and encouragement from her team. “I cannot explain how amazing my coworkers are,” she said. “It takes a village, and everyone is doing their part to help. If everyone continues to stay home and practice social distancing, things will get better soon. But we have to stay the course.”