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Illinois Tollway offering big break on fines for missed tolls

The program starts this week, officials said.

Illinois Tollway plow trucks operate as Zero Weather Road Patrol vehicles when the temperature drops below zero degrees.
The Illinois Tollway is reducing fines for missed tolls.
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If you’re one of those people who has racked up thousands in unpaid Illinois Tollway fees, you’re about to get a big break.

And even for the lesser scofflaw, there are savings to be had under Tolling 2020, a “tolling reform” package unveiled this week.

“These changes are long overdue. Pursuing hefty violations is a costly process, and both the Tollway and customers are better served by providing as much opportunity as possible for customers to pay their tolls,” Jose Alvarez, the tollway’s executive director, said in a statement.

“That’s why we’re resetting the clock for all outstanding violations as well, to bring them in line with the new rules, and thanks to the Board of Directors, anyone who has unpaid fines will realize significant savings if they pay by the end of the year.”

The initial $20 fine per unpaid toll is being reduced to $3 per violation, plus the amount of the toll, officials said. As in the past, violation notices will still be sent out after three unpaid tolls in a one-year period.

And, through the end of the year only, the $3 per violation fine will apply to past missed tolls, regardless of the total amount owed, officials said.

Separately, as part of an initiative to help drivers during the pandemic, anyone who missed a toll between March 9 and June 25 will be required to pay only the missed toll.

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