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Illinois turkey hunting: Spring permit refunds explained

An explanation comes on who receives refunds for spring turkey permits in Illinois, and how.

File photo of a turkey decoy at an Illinois public site. Credit: Dale Bowman
File photo of a turkey decoy at an Illinois public site.
Dale Bowman

Some Illinois hunters have already received refunds for spring turkey hunting permits they could not use because of the pandemic. Others will be or are eligible for refunds.

Here is a fuller explanation from Rachel Torbert, deputy director for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:

As you may already know, earlier this year, the Department submitted changes to 17 Ill. Adm. Code section 710.20 (look for subparagraph L) to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to allow for refunds on 2020 Spring Turkey permits. The rule provides for a process for Spring Turkey permit holders who were unable to use their Spring Turkey hunting permits due to the ongoing pandemic to request a refund. The full rule, which was adopted and effective Aug. 20, 2020, can be found here:

For hunters who had state site specific permits and were unable to use those permits due to the closure of state sites, the refunds were processed automatically, with the exception of Federally operated sites whose hunts were still held. Many of those refunds already have been completed and mailed. Hunters who planned to hunt on private property but were unable to utilize their permits due to the ongoing pandemic and resulting public health guidelines and restrictions also are eligible for a refund. Refund requests must be submitted, and the unused permit returned to Department headquarters, postmarked on or before Dec. 1, 2020. Additional information on how to request a refund may be found in the full administrative rule.