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ENDORSEMENT: Robin Kelly for Congress in 2nd District

We endorse Kelly for re-election so that she might continue her work for saner gun laws and greater equity in health care.

Robin Kelly is endorsed by the Sun-Times in the 2nd Congressional District general election.
Sun-Times Media

In February of last year, Rep. Robin Kelly of Matteson served as speaker pro tempore, wielding the gavel, when the U.S. House voted to approve a bipartisan bill to require background checks for every gun sale in the nation, including at gun shows and garage sales.

The bill was a model of centrist moderation, premised on the belief that people who have a documented history of violence or mental instability should not be allowed to own a gun. Or, at the very least, we should know about it.

It was fitting that Kelly presided over the House that day. She has been a consistent advocate for more sensible gun laws. It also was a foregone conclusion the bill would go nowhere in the Republican-controlled Senate. Maybe next time.

We endorse Kelly for re-election with that in mind, that she might continue her work for saner gun laws and — another one of her priorities — greater equity in health care. Kelly is opposed by Republican Theresa Raborn, a home-schooling mother from Midlothian. In a previous version of this endorsement, we said Raborn chose not to participate in our endorsement process, not realizing she had completed a questionnaire. We hadn’t received it because of a technical error.

2nd Congressional District map, 2020 election
2nd Congressional District map.
Illustration by Caroline Hurley

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