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Biden will be at a disadvantage during Tuesday’s debate because he actually listens to experts

The experts won’t be on stage with him, though, giving the edge to Trump — who just riffs off first impressions

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump

The Trump campaign claims that Joe Biden is going into the Tuesday night’s debate with the unfair advantage — decades of experience in Washington. But the American people are auditioning for a leader, and it’s really Biden who will be operating under a handicap in the debate.

If faced with a real national emergency, everyone knows Biden would call on government experts, though they won’t be available to him on stage on Tuesday night. Trump, on the other hand, does not call on experts. He criticizes his FBI chief, public health personnel and others when they depart from his first impressions, which is what he’ll have available to him on the stage.

Frank Palmer, Edgewater

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Keep R. Kelly in jail

R. Kelly’s attorneys have been pointing out the trauma he is enduring in jail while awaiting trial. But I’d suggest that we consider all of his alleged sexual assault victims, petrified, before considering his release. Kelly’s alleged victims are physically free, but figuratively imprisoned.

John Livaich, Oak Lawn

Not my kind of ‘originalist’

When I read that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is an “originalist,” my hope is that this means she believes the Second Amendment protects only the right to keep and bear single-shot muzzleloaders.

Curt Fredrikson, Mokena

I’m a Trumpian success

Wow! I paid a lot more federal income taxes than the president of The United States. And my mother said I’d never be a success. Hah.

Leonard Hall, La Grange Highlands