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Possible snow in Chicago area Monday precedes roller-coaster temps this week

While more snowfall is possible Monday, forecasters say the city will get a reprieve later this week when temperatures could jump as high as 60 degrees — then back down again.

Chicago saw its first snowfall of the season Nov. 12, 2021. Tyler LaRiviere/ Sun-Times

Forecasters expect parts of the Chicago area could see up to an inch of snow accumulation during rush hour Monday evening.

But Tuesday and Wednesday could see temperatures jump into the 50s — and possibly higher.

There is still uncertainty about the path of Monday’s snow, which could move just south of the downtown area, according to Brian Leatherwood, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Unlike the weekend, temperatures may drop below freezing, resulting in actual accumulation, Leatherwood said. The storm system is expected to hit the area in the afternoon, creating “concerns during rush hour,” Leatherwood said.

“It could be a bit more challenging due to the timing and the accumulation,” Leatherwood said.

Some areas could see up to an inch of accumulation, Leatherwood said.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Leatherwood said high temperatures are expected to jump into the 50s or even higher.

Those relatively balmy conditions are expected to be short-lived, however, as another cold front should move into the area later Wednesday, bringing down temperatures for the rest of the week.