Studio41’s kitchen and bathroom expertise helps Chicagoans reimagine their homes

The pandemic has directly played into one the biggest home trends right now, smart technology.

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Studio41 specializes in finding and creating solutions for any kitchen or bathroom design project, regardless of the size. For 25 years, they have pursued a singular mission: Creating spaces in Chicagoland homes that are well-designed, practical, trendy and fit Chicagoans’ day-to-day needs.

“We are a kitchen and bath showroom so we show plumbing fixtures, decorative hardware, tile and cabinetry,” says Studio41 Director of Marketing Hannah Byl.

“We have twelve different locations throughout the Chicago area and one in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Due to COVID-19, this past year has been one of the busiest for these local showrooms.

Byl explains, “People are staying home now more than ever and investing money into their homes instead of traveling or going out to eat. I think the pandemic has also directly played into one of our biggest trends right now, smart technology. We are seeing smart technology being incorporated more and more into different kitchen and bathroom fixtures.”

For example, touchless faucets with integrated pushless technology and voice-activated features are currently very popular in kitchens. Smart showers controlled through smartphone apps designed to adjust water temperature are also on the rise, along with Bluetooth-powered mirrors and medicine cabinets that can adjust your lighting. Smart toilets and even televisions are now increasingly part of bathroom design, so you can watch the morning news or wind down at night with your favorite show.

“A lot of people are leaning into having really clean spaces, and with COVID these are great solutions that provide much cleaner and convenient kitchens and bathrooms,” Byl says.

Designing spaces to fit the customer’s needs and wants is always Studio41’s first priority, no matter the size of the project. Whether it is simply replacing decorative hardware or starting a whole new project from scratch, Studio41 offers a variety of services and options to get the job done.

“We are here to help you through every single step of your project, from concept to completion,” Byl says.

“We have so many designers who are eager to help make the experience as interactive and seamless as possible. We work a lot with tradespeople and contractors to help get the customer the product they need and want. We carry over a hundred different brands in all these, from plumbing fixtures to tile and windows. We have a wide variety of products to fit any budget. We are very approachable in that way.”

Throughout the pandemic, Studio41 has remained open and increased their virtual presence in hopes of keeping the process of redesigning spaces not only fun, but safe.

Byl encourages customers to utilize Studio41’s online tools, including arranged FaceTime and Zoom calls for customers to view showrooms virtually. The Studio41 team is ready to answer questions and inquiries via email, and shoppers can make purchases online as well. 

Byl recommends that customers call ahead before visiting a showroom, or go online to schedule appointments. This helps Studio41 track the number of customers visiting at any given time and ensures the correct team will be available to help them once they arrive.

Masks and social distancing are required, and cleaning crews disinfect the showrooms daily so that customers feel comfortable and safe.

“One thing that is really special about our business is that there still is a huge desire to touch and feel all of the different fixtures you are about to put in your home, whether that is a cabinet door or a faucet,” Byl explains.

“Our showrooms are interactive so it helps customers reimagine their space.”

Lately, many customers are turning their attention to their kitchens.

Byl says, “Kitchen space has been one of the biggest projects customers have invested in because a kitchen really is such a big part of a home. The kitchen is no longer just a kitchen. It’s an office now, too. It’s where you talk with your spouse or partner. Eat. Hangout. To have integrated storage space, organizational tools and obviously new aesthetics makes a huge difference.”

Functional space is also heavily influenced by customers living in the city.

In Byl’s experience, those who live in an apartment or condominium often opt for floating bathroom vanities to make their space seem larger and choose cabinetry that allows for more storage but takes up less space.

Chicagoans have also leaned into the trend of bright color pops and dramatic dark hues, including blue faucets and bathtubs instead of traditional chrome finishes and matte black and gold accents for a more chic modern look.

“We really do have the ability to make your home a place that you love,” Byl says.

“It is important that you are excited to go home or stay home. That you love your space, no matter how big or small.”

To learn more, shop online or schedule a visit to a Studio41 showroom, visit www.

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