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Puppy hit by car requires surgery, months of recovery

Danny the 7-month-old puppy has multiple fractures that will require surgery and therapy, PAWS Chicago said.

Danny the puppy receiving medical attention from the veterinarians at PAWS Chicago.

A 7-month-old puppy was hit by a car Wednesday and left to fend for himself.

An unidentified Good Samaritan found Danny, a Basenji mix, and took him to animal control.

PAWS Chicago vets examined him and found multiple fractures—one in his thigh bone, pubic bone, and hip.

Danny also has patches of scraped skin from sliding on the pavement according to PAWS.

Danny will require around-the-clock care to stabilize his condition before he undergoes surgery to repair his ball-and-socket hip joint. After. Danny will continue his recovery in a foster home, PAWS said.