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Divvy offers rewards program to members in exchange for help distributing bikes around city

Riding gloves and a backpack are rewards for high point earners.

A customer riding a Divvy bike.
A customer riding a Divvy bike.
| Rahul Parikh/Sun-Times

If COVID-19 and winter weren’t enough to make you want to head outside, Divvy wants to add an incentive, too.

The bike-share company is now offering a point-based rewards program to members who ride bikes from crowded docking stations to ones that are running low on bikes.

Rewards offered through the program — dubbed Bike Angels — include water bottles, key fobs, riding gloves, backpacks and free membership extensions and ebike minutes.

Divvy members can sign up through the Divvy app and start earning points daily.

A map in the app shows the number of points a ride from a crowded station to a less crowded station is worth.

The points on the map update every 15 minutes.

After a few “rebalancing rides” points will be displayed in a member’s Divvy account, as well as in an email with info about redeeming points for rewards.