‘The Chi’ Season 4, Episode 8 recap: Emmett gives Tiff an ultimatum, Kevin reconciles with Jake

Kiesha, played by Birgundi Baker, takes things slow in her dating life.

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Emmett (left, played by Jacob Latimore) no longer wants an open marriage with Tiff (Hannaha Hall).


SPOILER ALERT: This recap of Season 4, Episode 8 contains explicit plot details.

Making amends — or at least trying to — seems to be the theme of this week’s episode of “The Chi.”

Numerous cast members are reenacting scenes from the Chicago-filmed 1997 cult classic film “Love Jones,” starring West Side Native Larenz Tate and Nia Long, which shares a name with episode eight.

  • In the midst of their “Love Jones” date, where he picks up Tiff (Hannaha Hall) in a way similar to Tate’s character, Emmett (Jacob Latimore) gives her an ultimatum regarding their marriage. Emmett no longer wants an open marriage, but he has no leverage, it seems, due to his history of not staying faithful to one woman.
  • Tiff’s friend, Dante (Cory Hardrict), taunts Emmett as she tells him she’s not coming home until the morning, which seems to wear on him. 
  • Kiesha, played by Birgundi Baker, takes things slow in her dating life. Her date, who is also her co-worker, seems to understand why Keisha needs accountability and safety. He picks her up with his motorcycle in a similar way as Tate’s character in “Love Jones” did for Long.

Papa (Shamon Brown, right) tries to win back Maisha (Genesis Denise Hale).


Also, the teens seem to be going through the motions in terms where they stand with their significant others — and former ones — along with the collateral damage in the aftermath of the decisions they’ve made. 

  • Jake (Michael Epps) and Trig (Luke James) come to an agreement in regards to being on the outs with their best friends. If Jake hashes things out with Kevin, Trig agrees to do the same with Shaad, played by Jason Weaver. 
  • Kevin (Alex Hibbert) tries to win back Jemma, played by Judae’a Brown. The two have an honest conversation about how things ended and the problematic nature of the reasons he wants her back.
  • In the aftermath of his breakup with Maisha (Genesis Denise Hale), Papa (Shamon Brown) throws a party for her with the ulterior motive of winning her back, but it doesn’t work the way he would’ve liked.
  • Maisha calls out Jemma for the way she handles her relationships with Kevin and Jake.

Storylines to think about:

  • What’s next for Emmett and Tiff? 
  • How will Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) and Dre (Miriam A. Hyman) get their house — and marriage — in order? 
  • Will Laverne (Sonja Sohn) reappear to finish off Mayor Douda (Curtiss Cook)?
  • What’s Papa’s plan to win back Maisha?
  • Will Trig and Shaad put aside their differences like Jake and Kevin?
  • What’s next for Community Protection?

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