Gun advocates, politicians have blood on their hands

Gun Industry. Gun lobby. The NRA. You own this. You own every single one of these senseless and preventable deaths.

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Dozens of mourners gather for a vigil in downtown Highland Park, one day after a gunman killed seven people and wounded dozens more at a Fourth of July parade.

Mourners gather for a vigil in Highland Park, one day after a gunman killed seven people and wounded dozens at a Fourth of July parade.

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times

Well, gun industry, gun lobby, National Rifle Association, I hope you’re happy. You got the country you wanted. 

More guns. More handguns. More assault rifles, assault pistols and assault shotguns. More homemade firearms without serial numbers.

More special treatment for gun manufacturers. More marketing of dangerous weapons to impressionable children and teenagers. More private firearm sales to criminals and mentally unwell people without background checks.

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More parents and guardians vouching for their immature, minor children to buy guns and ammunition.

More years without accurate, up-to-date research about gun injuries and deaths.

More situations when law enforcement does not have the funds necessary to effectively enforce existing laws and monitor gun sellers.

Gun Industry. Gun lobby. The NRA. You own this. You own every single one of these senseless and preventable deaths. All of these mass shootings. All of this death and destruction. All of this daily horror destroying the lives of innocent children and families, this traumatic legacy haunting our neighborhoods and communities time and time and time again.

And to every single cowardly politician who does not have the courage to do the right thing and stand up to the dangerous, selfish, and greedy interest of this lobby: You own this, too.

To the rest of us, recent tragic events should serve as a further reminder that no one is safe. Black, white, Brown. Rich, poor, middle class. Students, teachers, first responders. Those who live in cities, suburbs and rural America. 

No one is safe.

The fact is that more than COVID-19, gun violence is the single greatest threat to our public health, our economy, and our way of life. The only way out is by showing the same level of political acumen, engagement, and persistence as those who obsess over protections for the making, selling, and ownership of guns. 

That means recognizing that we are in the battle of our lives and we can never, ever take our foot off the gas until every last candidate and elected official hears our voices and supports laws securing the safety, freedom, and liberty of the rest of us suffering from the ceaseless scourge of gun violence. 

Dan Kotowski, President & CEO, Kids Above All

A hypothetical

Try to imagine a Democratic incumbent president claiming the election was rigged and stolen and also fueling the fire for an attack on our own Capitol building.

Chants of lock them up, treason, and traitor would be coming out of the mouths of people like Donald Trump, Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz, demanding SWAT teams should have been called out immediately with orders of shoot to kill. Pretty funny. Very ironic.

Thomas Bajorek, Burbank 

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