Chicago outdoors: Green heron fledge, head acorns, suburban monarch & hummingbird, Wis. sturgeon

A note on falling acorns in northern Wisconsin, a green heron fledge beautifully photographed, a surprise of a monarch and hummingbird in the same photo and the size of Wisconsin lake sturgeon are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.

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A green heron fledge. Credit: Paul Vriend

A green heron fledge.

Paul Vriend

Notes come from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.


Paul Vriend photographed this green heron fledge two days out of the nest. “It looks away as if bashful but still keeps a wary eye on me,” Vriend emailed. “I am shooting from through a tiny seam in a dense canopy of foliage. The sun illuminates the top of the bird to highlight its snow-white down.”

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Sept. 17-18: Joliet, (815) 727-4811

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Thursday, Sept. 8: Andrew Ragas on targeting smallmouth bass through the fall, Riverside Fishing Club, LaGrange American Legion, 6:30 p.m.


Next Saturday, Sept. 10: Opening day, teal, rail (Sora and Virginia only) and snipe seasons


“OK, not quite WOTW, but, happy to spot what’s been a rare monarch this summer in my flower garden, also noticed the hovering hummingbird, at right, that seems to be keeping a watchful eye and waiting for its turn on the blazing star.” Paul Saltzman

A: The photo was wonderful, but it wouldn’t reproduce in the paper to a usable degree. Too bad because the image capture was cool.


Over 70: Inches of a lake sturgeon at Yellow Lake in Wisconsin’s Burnett County, which the Wisconsin DNR speculates, “it’s possible some lucky anglers could reel in . . . “ in its announcement of the Wisconsin hook-and-line season for lake sturgeon in select waters that opens today, Sept. 3.


“Acorns dropping over a deck with metal furniture can be annoying and sometimes dangerous, if you sit in the wrong spot.”

Howard Bass, with an astute late summer observation from northern Wisconsin.

Original: These are some of the large abundance of acorns that have fallen to the ground from oak trees located on the grounds of the Chicago Botanical Gardens. There is no explanation as to why there are so many acorns. ( Photo By Bob Black/Sun-Times) Published: Acorns rest on a path at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe. Bob Black/Sun-Times News Group

A file photo of a large abundance of acorns that were fallen from oak trees located on the grounds of the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

Bob Black/Sun-Times News Group

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