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#PlaneBae: Switched seats lead to budding airplane romance and viral story

The airplane romance couple as photographed by Rosey Blair. | Photo by @roseybeeme

The so-called "airplane romance" couple as photographed by Rosey Blair. | Photo by @roseybeeme

While most of us with grilling and watching fireworks, the internet was abuzz with a viral story about an accidental airplane romance.

It all started with Rosey Blair was flying from New York to Texas earlier this week and asked a woman to switch seats so Rosey could sit next to her boyfriend. What transpired next was an apparent airplane romance documented step-by-step by Rosey on Twitter.

Eventually over 250K people were following along in real time as Rosey, a 29-year-old actor from Dallas, documented the story known as #catchflightsANDfeelings and #planebae.


Half of the plane couple has been identified at Euan Holden, a fitness instructor and brother of former U.S. men’s national team midfielder Stuart Holden.  The woman is not sharing her last name, but reports say her first name is Helen.

The plane romance story has exploded on the internet and throughout the media including NBC’s Today Show.

ABC’s Good Morning America also reported on the internet fascination with the budding plane romance.

As of this writing, Rosey’s original twitter story has been liked by 836K people and retweeted 334K times.